• Pago a un amigo
  • Pago en un comercio
  • Cobro
  • Transferencia a tu cuenta bancaria
  • Pago con tarjeta en un comercio
  • Pago con tarjeta a un amigo

100% gratuito*


  • Aportación en un bote
  • Usar el dinero recaudado en la página web de uno de los socios de Lydia

100% gratuito

Transferir el dinero a la cuenta bancaria del beneficiario
Comisiones cobradas : 1,9%

Transferir el dinero a la cuenta Lydia del beneficiario
Comisiones cobradas : 0,9%


Costs of manufacturing and carrying for the plastic card


  • Everywhere in the world**
  • Withdrawal from any bank**
  • Dedicated IBAN number
  • Manage your payment limits and your PIN code


*Carrier SMS charges may apply. Handling fee for an unpaid or rejected payment: €20. Handling fee for irregular use of Lydia services that violate the law or Lydia's Terms of Use: €99.**In the Mastercard network.
***within fair use limits - see the Limits tab.
Handling fee for a lost, stolen, or swallowed card: €20. Handling fee for irregular use of Lydia services that violate the law or Lydia's Terms of Use: €99.

Lydia App


 Lydia app limits

Lydia account

Verified Lydia account

Payment with Lydia balance over a 30 day period €250/ £200 €10,000/ £8,000
Payment to an individual €1, 000/ £800 €1, 000/ £800
Sum of money handled by Lydia €250/ £200  €15,000/ £12,000
Bank transfer €1,000/ £800*   €10,000/ £8,000* 


Lydia Card


Use of the Lydia Card is subject to security limits, as well as to a fair usage policy. The latter is in place so that we can offer a comprehensive and unlimited card to as many people as possible for as little as possible. The table below recaps the card and subscription limits. To avoid blocking cards that exceed these limits, once this ceiling is reached, we will charge a small fee for certain services.

Lydia Card limits Card usage limit Beyond card usage limit
Maximum daily/ weekly payment total (in Euros) €2,000 / €3,000 N/A
Maximum daily/ weekly ATM withdrawal total (in Euros) €1,000 / €2,000 N/A
Number of payments (in Euros) 100 payments/month €0.20 per payment
Number of ATM withdrawals (in Euros) 5 withdrawals/month €1 per withdrawal
Number of cross-currency payments** 20 payments/year 2% per payment
Number of cross-currency ATM withdrawals** 10 withdrawals/year €1 + 2% per withdrawal



Other card limits

  • Five declined payments per month: €0.20 beyond this.
  • 10 blocked payments per year: €30 beyond this.
  • Maximum annual Lydia account top-up limit: €50,000 per user.





 Cagnotte limits  
Maximum amount per contribution €1,000/ £800
Total number of Cagnottes that can be organised at any one time by the same user  5






* Minimum amount = €1/£1. Maximum accumulated total over 12 months = €2,500/ £2,000 for a non-verified Lydia account, and €30,000/ £25,000 for verified accounts. 


 **Card acceptance points and ATM locations are available on the Mastercard website. Mastercard executes and defines the rate of the conversion.


Important: In the case of a Cagnotte, if the organiser is the only participant, the withdrawal of his contribution is only possible after a period of one month after the payment is made.



The limits in the Lydia App and Cagnotte tables above apply subject to acceptance by the sender’s bank.


Cards accepted: Visa/ Mastercard from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK.