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All your payment needs - in one app

2,600 years after the first coin was created, Lydia is paying homage with a carefully-crafted app for today's daily needs.

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An efficient, minimalist design

It all starts with an immersive blue screen.

Here, everything is designed to get straight to the point - whether you want to know what your account balance is or spend your money, regardless of whether you have one or ten bank accounts. Simplicity, instantaneity, and security are combined - in each action - to make sure that the app which you use on a daily basis is the best in the world.

All in one

Lydia now unites the best of mobile payments and the key features of banking apps:

  • Monitor all your bank accounts
  • Make bank transfers
  • Create online money pots
  • Pay back friends by text message and email
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • Pay with a QR code
  • Set recurring payments

Absolute control

With your phone, you can see and do everything. Only you can access this information, since each of the app's advanced features is protected by biometric security.

  • Instant payment receipts
  • Block your payment cards
  • Limits
  • Spending categories (coming soon)

This is what the future looks like

You didn't realise that this was even possible. So we created exclusive tools for you, before you could have even dreamt them up.

  • A universal card linked to all your accounts
  • Dynamic virtual cards
  • A universal IBAN account (coming soon)
  • Joint accounts (coming soon)