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2,600 years after the first coin was created, Lydia is paying homage with a carefully-crafted app for today's daily needs.

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To pay

Payment at Franprix

Mobile payment

Enjoy instant, simple, and secure payments at the doctor's, in shops, at the market, or in taxis - just with your mobile. Generate a QR code and pay in under ten seconds. Either your Lydia account or your chosen payment card will be debited. Find out more

Pay by card

Optional virtual and plastic Mastercard, connected to the application, to pay and withdraw, anywhere in the world. Find out more

Pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available with Lydia, in France, to pay contactless at merchants, but also on the web and into applications. Find out more

To pay back friends

Peer to peer payments

With a few taps, simply pay a friend, or get paid back - by as many contacts as you like. Find out more

To collect


Built by Lydia and directly accessible from the Lydia app, this money pot lets you handle projects, piggy banks, and group payments for all your events. Leaving present, wedding, birthday, stag or hen do, you name it... Find out more

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