Pay as
you want

Payez comme vous voulez

All your payments, unlimited

Use your Lydia account for all your daily expenses, thanks to:

  • Our new plastic card, delivered to you in 3 days (optional)
  • A virtual card, compatible with Apple and Google Pay
  • Up to 20 virtual cards per month to protect your internet purchases

At the speed
of light

Each transaction,
notified instantly.

Have you always been told that it takes 3 days to keep up-to-date with your current account live?

With Lydia, your balance is updated directly: you are notified on your payments and bank transfers instantly.

In France, abroad, weekends, and public holidays included.

The account
that looks
like you

Infinite customisation

Personalise your Lydia app with as many shared accounts or sub accounts as needed to make your daily life easier.

Take advantage of the personalisation of your new Visa card, (almost) anything goes.

at no cost

0% on your expenses
outside the Eurozone

Forget unwanted charges and small text at the end of the contract.

Your Lydia cards canbe used worldwide without any charge on all your payments and withdrawals under €500 per month.

Lydia money pots,
without fees

1.9% for
non-premium users.

For a birthday, a bachelorette party, a farewell drinks and all the events that matter to you, take advantage of our famous money pots with fees reduced to 0%.

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Votre banque n’est pas compatible avec Google Pay ou Apple Pay ? Lydia est la solution.

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