Pay as
you want

Payez comme vous voulez

All your payments, unlimited

Use your Lydia account for all your daily expenses, thanks to:

  • Our new plastic card, delivered to you in 3 days (optional)
  • A virtual card, compatible with Apple and Google Pay
  • Up to 20 virtual cards per month to protect your internet purchases

Lydia accounts, to several

As many accounts as imaginable

A personal account of course! A couple account can be? A roommate account or a child account? And a travel account, a savings account and a secret account too. All your money, in beautiful boxes, just like you.

All your money pots, no commission

Completely free, and so much more convenient

Birthday, weekend, bachelorette party, departure drink and for all the events that matter, take advantage of our famous jackpots with a commission reduced to 0%, i.e. an average annual gain of € 15 for occasional users of jackpots.

Transactions abroad, free of charge

0% on your expenses
outside the Eurozone

Forget unwanted charges and small text at the end of the contract.

Lydia payment methods can be used worldwide without any fees, on payments and withdrawals.

An unbeatable price

Annual 2 months for free !
29,90€per year
2,99€per month
Try Premium for a month

Your current account with Lydia

With Premium and its higher transaction limits, you can also benefit from the current account reinvented by Lydia

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