Designed without

No need for
payment limits

With the Lydia app, there’s no need for payment limits. Our technology keeps every transaction safe and instantaneous, so you can make any contactless payment you want, anywhere. Even if it’s more than 30 euros.

Designed for privacy
and security

Safer and quicker
than contactless cards

Contactless payments with the Lydia app are safer and quicker than payments made with a contactless card.

Each transaction requires a Face ID, Touch ID or 4-digit security code and you can consult your payments right after you’ve made them.

Whatever you’re purchasing, no one can pay for you and there are no surprises.

Designed without


With the Lydia app, make contactless payments free of charge around the world. Contactless payments go where you go.

Contactless payments
made your way

For couples or roommates

The Lydia app makes it possible to pay for shared expenses using the contactless payment feature. Simply create a shared account in your app and select it for contactless payment at the register.

Don’t have any shared accounts on Lydia? Open one (or two, or three…) in a few clicks.

For fun on weekends

Leave your wallet and debit cards at home this weekend. Use the contactless payments feature on your Lydia app and make your purchases directly on your phone in locations where contactless transactions are accepted.

No more losing your debit card on the dancefloor or misplacing it while out to dinner.

For group gifts

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or sending a colleague off, collect money directly on Lydia and spend it directly from the app using the contactless payment feature. You’ll never advance your own money on group gifts again. And no matter how much money you collect, service fees remain small. Lydia charges 2x less on average than its competitors for similar services.

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