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1.5% + 0.10€ per transaction
No set-up costs, or monthly fees

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<div id="lydiaButton">Pay with Lydia</div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(document).ready(function() {
      amount: 10.5, // amount in €
      vendor_token: '{{publicToken}}',
      recipient: '0711223344', //cellphone or email of your client. Leave it like this for your test
      message : "Facture 004 pour un t-shirt taille M", //object of the payment
      env: 'test',
      render : '<img src="" />', //button image
      // The client will be redirect to this URL after the payment
      browser_success_url : "",
			// This URL will be called by our server after the payment so you can update the order on your database
      confirm_url : ""

// Order Reference
NSString *orderRef = [[NSUUID UUID] UUIDString];
//This URL is called by our server after the payment so you can update the order on your database
NSString *confirmUrl = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"", orderRef];

LYDIASDK *lydia = [[LYDIASDK alloc] initWithPublicKey:@"{{publicToken}}"

[lydia setSDKEnvironment:LYDIASDK_Homologation];
// This is your app scheme URL called when the payment request is successful to redirect the user in your app
[lydia setBackApplicationScheme:@"com.test://payment?%@"];
//Init a request of 10.5€
[lydia askAmount:@"10.5"
       withOrderRef:[[NSUUID UUID] UUIDString]
       andMessage:@"Thanks for your purchase" andConfirmUrl:confirmUrl];

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Step 1/3

Please place an order by using the following customer phone number: +33711223344 if you're in France or +442034455275 if you're in the UK or Ireland. Click on the Lydia button that you've integrated in your payment page, and keep both pages open for the next steps.

No pending payment request

Step 2/3

The payment request has been received. Please accept the payment and continue to step 3.

You have a pending payment request of {{requests[0]['amount']}}€. It was sent by {{requests[0]['business_name']}}.

Step 3/3

The payment has been approved by the client, who will be redirected to your confirmation page. We called your server so that you can update the order with the information below.

Data returned confirmURL :

  "currency": "EUR",
  "request_id": "{{paymentDoneRequestId}}",
  "amount" : "{{paymentDoneAmount}}",
  "signed" :"1",
  "transaction_identifier": "{{paymentDoneIdentifier}}",
  "vendor_token": "{{publicToken}}",
  "order_ref": "<optional>"
Smartphone Simulator
{{requests[0]['business_name']}} {{requests[0]['amount']}} €

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