Lydia is reinventing everyday financial services, with a mobile application, to make them simpler, faster, more personal, and accessible to all Europeans.
How? By exploiting the best of design, new technologies and the banking system.

Launched in 2013, Lydia has since conquered millions of users in France, in Spain, Belgium and Portugal, who say "I'll make you a Lydia" when they reimburse themselves. They are also more and more likely to have made Lydia their main account, with the card, the joint account and the savings account.

The company, well financed, with shareholders like Accel or Tencent, is part of the French Tech Next 40.

We want to create something that matters.
And we know that the best victories are often the hardest to obtain.

We are agile but thoughtful and demanding.

We are creative and ambitious but pragmatic.

We are not afraid to undo what we hardly built the day before, if that can allow us to do even better.

We speak little, but with one voice.

We are looking for talents that inspire us and that we inspire.