The very best of Lydia

Apple Pay all the time

With Apple Pay, make all of your payments contactless - with no limits.

All your cards - digitised

You can link as many payment cards as you like to your Lydia account - even your company cards.

All your bank accounts

You can link as many banks as you like to the app, in order to see all your accounts and make bank transfers directly within Lydia.

Lydia accounts for all your needs

Need to put money aside for a holiday? Or want to collect money for a weekend with friends? Create a Lydia account for every need, and give your money a sense of purpose.

Automate all you can

"I absolutely can't forget to send money to...". Take a load off your mind by setting recurring payments. With Lydia Premium, you can organise all your payments but also your bank transfers within Lydia.

Online money pots with no commissions

With Lydia Premium, you will no longer pay any commissions on your money pots. If you don't want to find yourself having to organise all of these, keep your Premium status a secret, or get all your friends to upgrade to Lydia Premium, too. It's €2.99 well spent.

Enhanced security online

We recommend the use of virtual cards for online payments. That's why Lydia Premium lets you create as many virtual cards as you want. You could even create one for each e-commerce website you use. That way, in case there's a problem, you can block it in one click. Next time you have to give your card number over the telephone, you know what to do.

The universal card without equal

This physical Mastercard lets you spend money from your Lydia accounts - anywhere there is a card machine. However, exclusively for Lydia Premium users, this card can replace all the other cards in your wallet. When making a purchase, in one tap, you can choose the account or the card to be charged. If your wallet is bursting from being stuffed with cards, you should try it.

More exclusive features coming soon

- Direct debit
- Universal IBAN

Lydia Premium gives you the very best of fintech.