Innovative payments,
as much as you wish

Pay like you want Internet card

As many Lydia as you want

  • No fees up to 5,000€ per month and per payment
  • Use the Lydia Visa Debit card to its fullest, at an ATM and with Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Make use of our secure Internet cards

Every hour, the Lydia lottery spins and stops randomly on a trade. The lucky one sees his payment refunded, without limit of amount.

Lydia accounts,
for several people

As many accounts as imaginable

A personal account of course! A couple account perhaps? A roommate account or an account for the children? And a travel account, a savings account and a secret account too.
All your money, in beautiful personalised boxes.

All your money pots, commission-free

Completely free,
and so much more convenient

Birthdays, weekends away, bachelor(ette) parties, leaving parties and for all the events that matter, take full advantage of our famous money pots with commissions reduced to 0%, i.e. an average annual gain of 15€ for occasional money pot users.

Transactions abroad, with no commission

0% on your spendings and withdrawals outside the Euro zone

Forget untimely commissions and small lines at the end of the contract.

Lydia payment methods can be used worldwide without any commission, on payments and withdrawals.

An unbeatable

Annual 2 months for free! Annual
49,00€per year
4,90€per month
Try Lydia Blue

Your ultimate
current account

All the best Lydia features in an exclusive experience.

Discover your new current account
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