It has all
the basics

Payez comme vous voulez

For all your daily transactions

  • A dedicated European IBAN
  • An Apple Pay & Google Pay compatible Visa Debit card, delivered to your doorstep in 3 days (optional)
  • Disposable virtual card numbers to secure your only payments
  • Automatic debits will be soon supported on Lydia!

It looks just
like you

Limitless customization

Customize your accounts with pictures so it looks just like you and organize your money as you think best.

It goes faster

Really faster.

Haven’t you always been told that 48h hours were needed to track your payment transactions?

Your Lydia account balance will be updated in real time: your payment and transfers will be instantaneous and directly notified to you.
Everywhere on the planet, weekend and bank holidays included.

It’s perfect
for abroad

0% on your expenses
outside the Euro zone

Forget about the hidden commissions and blurry terms and conditions.

Your Lydia cards can be used for payments and withdrawals, all over the world - free of charge.

Connected to your bank account

For a smooth transition

Who likes to change their habits? No one. So you won't need to change bank to take full advantage of all the benefits of the Lydia current account..

Simply and securely link your bank to Lydia to find all your accounts on one screen and replace your bank's application.

He can
win you over

One lucky winner for every 1,000 payments

Every hour, Lydia lottery spins and stops randomly on a trade. The lucky one sees his payment refunded, without limit of amount.


It’s (very)

We’re taking your money
very seriously

Lydia is designed and verified in France according to the highest standards of banking and IT security.

Asymmetrical RSA keys, symmetrical 256-bit data encryption, SSL communications, personal data anonymization... All of that, because we can never be too careful when it comes to money and personal information.

To fully enjoy Lydia’s reinvented checking account,
consider subscribing to Lydia Blue :
our limitless transactions offer.
Give it a try

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