Fred, Antoine et Simon - Tech team

At the moment, how you pay is dictated by where you are and who you're paying. Cash at the cornershop, a cheque at the doctor's, card for online purchases, or a bank transfer to pay back a friend. This is hardly very practical, and is often extremely frustrating - especially when the nearest ATM is good ten minutes' walk away, and it's raining.

In the age of smartphones, online payments, and the "cloud", it's strange that we're still using pieces of metal and paper to make payments. Why can't there be one, simple, universal means of payment to pay for anything, anywhere? That's what was keeping us up at night when we launched Lydia in 2013 with one goal: to be able to pay for anything easily, quickly, and securely with the one object you always have on you. Your phone.

Lydia is the labour of love of a team of very passionate, extremely ambitious, and slightly crazy people. We have made it our personal mission to push the boundaries, break down the barriers between us and a cashless society, and to encourage the rise of mobile payments globally. We're a demanding bunch, obsessed with finding the optimal technological, design, and legal solutions to build the best payment app in the world.

Technology is cool, but it shouldn't be an end in itself. For us, the real goal is to make life easier - by using the latest, cutting-edge technology. That's exactly what we're trying to do with mobile payments: we're not interested in building a trendy gadget that you get bored of after a week, and, above all, you shouldn't be held hostage to a particular app, platform, or bank. We believe that mobile payments must provide a real solution to a genuine problem. Everything we do is guided by common sense and our universal ambition: a service for everything and everyone.

So, who's Lydia? Well, the name actually comes from the kingdom of Lydia (part of present-day Turkey), where the first coins were minted around the seventh century B.C. The kingdom became rich from these coins made from electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver, that was abundant in the river Pactole. Croesus was the last and most famous of the kings of Lydia. Pactole and Croesus entered into legend, and are used in modern parlance to symbolise wealth. We chose the name "Lydia" as a playful nod from modern techology to the entire history of money.

A team of experts

  • Antoine Porte

    Lydia User 2

  • Cyril Chiche

    Lydia User 3

  • Frederic Scharly

    Lydia User 6

  • Sebastien Marouani

    Lydia User 7

  • Romain Goueffon

    Lydia User 16

  • Simon Watiau

    Lydia User 57

  • Pierre Boiza

    Lydia User 520

  • Flore Descolas

    Lydia User 22 128

  • Antoine Guitton

    Lydia User 28 426

  • Félix Lepoutre

    Lydia User 34 336

  • Julien Nakad

    Lydia User 35 100

  • Michael Fournier

    Lydia User 43 690

  • Chloé Dargent

    Lydia User 49 498

  • Guillaume Garon

    Lydia User 50 440

  • Brice Boulesteix

    Lydia user 66 336

  • Louis Fournier

    Lydia User 73 104

  • Augustin Franc

    Lydia user 147 795

  • Adrien Benrabia

    Lydia user 171 625

  • Margaux Caillot Arnaud

    Lydia User 173 937

  • Lilas Verron

    Lydia User 181 094

  • Lucie Trias

    Lydia user 187 619

  • Julia Bobes

    Lydia User 213 656

  • Prita Das

    Lydia User 381 060

  • Asha Parmar

    Lydia user 525 453

  • Mathieu Debit

    Lydia user 542 453

  • You

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Our banking partners

Thanks to our first-class banking partners, we can assure a high level of security. We select the French leaders to work with:

  • The Société Financière du Porte-Monnaie Électronique Interbancaire (SFPMEI) to manage and garantee all the monetary exchanges.
  • Payline to process credit card payments
  • Treezor, a Mastercard principal member, for prepaid cards emission.