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The super-app,
for your money

Manage all your money easily, with a single app, without having to leave your bank.

Lydia Visa card Application LydiaSurfShoes

The benchmark for payments between friends

Lydia has made payments and reimbursements so easy that it has become a new verb for millions of French people, who say “I’ll Lydia you” ® pour dire “I’ll send you money”.

  • Pay a contact or send money using a phone number or QR code
  • Request a refund directly or share a bill
  • Collect money for an event with money pots optimised for mobile
Transactions are instant and guaranteed and if you have the app the recipient does not need Lydia for it to work.

An interface made for you, for all your accounts

Lydia is an alternative to traditional banking apps for anyone who wants an innovative design, and a unique mobile app to track all your money at a glance and move it with a gesture.

Clearer, its interface is also completely customizable. Cards, accounts and receipts can be differentiated and illustrated with photos to be more beautiful and better organized.

The information displayed is that of your bank with which Lydia is synchronized. But you can also create as many new accounts as you want, to save money with our paid savings solution, for example, or to better share as a couple or with your groups of friends.

A selection of innovative
financial services

Lydia lists the best banking, insurance, and startup services that will save you time and money, or are just one one of a kind, so you don’t have to search and compare.

I want to use Lydia

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0 € per month
4,90 € per month
7,90 € per month
For all occasional users.
A good deal for those who are convinced who take advantage of it every day for its simplicity and efficiency.
The ultimate current account
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  • Simplify some payments between friends

  • Send some bank transfers instantly

  • Use as secondary account (weekend, trips)

  • Keep an eye on all your accounts and transfer money when I’m in the red

  • Create cheap online money pots

  • Secure some of my internet payments

  • Simplify all my payments between relatives

  • Send all bank transfers instantly

  • My new checking account

  • Follow and control all my accounts from a single screen

  • Create money pots for free

  • Pay securely on the internet with virtual internet cards

  • Black Visa Debit card

  • Travel insurance, winter sports, and medical assistance abroad

  • Online purchase protection

  • Phone line support

  • Concierge service by text

  • Lydia roulette earnings multiplied by 2

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