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I am Annemarie, from Germany and 26 years old. I was born in Ukraine and part of my family is still in Kyiv. They are standing side by side with many people, neighbours, friends... It is devastating to see what's going on. I receive many messages and calls of friends asking me how to support them.
So, I started this fundraising!
(Bank transfer via IBAN, paypal, Revolut also possible)

I know, our means to support the people on the ground is limited, but what we can offer is financial support. Money is needed for food, medicine, transport, help vulnerable populations to escape, etc. The average monthly income in Ukraine used to be around 750 € per month. So, even if some families have some savings, every Euro can help them to survive and get through these terrifying times. And prices are already rising so fast, so all help is needed.
Initially, the intention of this fundraising was to raise some money to support my family and people surrounding in their neighbourhood and networks.
Now, this crowdfunding became bigger than I’ve expected! In the meanwhile my cousin and aunt could escape and are safe.
Together with them and my committed friends we managed to set up a network for distributing this donations to reliable volunteers on spot, who provide food, medicine, any other needs to survive for people in need, injured, children and many more. The reliability of recipients is important, therefore we verify before making every single transaction.
22.000 € have been donated so far.
The total donations: 27.000€ (Updated on 15.06.2022)
If you want to know more about the donations and follow up, please check out this Instagram Page (you don't need an account):

Many potential recipients are still on our list, and we are still on the way to broaden our network through our contacts and friends in Ukraine.
If you have questions or just want to reach out to me, I am at your disposal here: or on Instagram.

Financial support will not stop the war right now. But it can give people in Ukraine strength and means to survive!

Please, feel free to share this.

And to all: THANK YOU so much for your help and support in many ways, may it be words, messages or participating in this fundraising!!

PS: If you prefer to pay via a bank transfer, Paypal or Revolut, please contact me, so I can share you the bank details to this fund.
Annemarie Hertner

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