The University of Cambridge Medical Society is proud to present our Annual Ball for 2020. Join us on Friday 24th January as we tumble down the rabbit hole into a world overrun by smiling Cheshire cats and the maddest of Hatters. Be sure to not miss out. We wouldn’t want you to be late for this very important date. Else… Off with your head!

Step into Wonderland, a place so mysterious that time even slows down. Drink our potions and take a gamble as to whether they will make you grow or shrink. Sound tempting? That’s not all. Wonderland 2020 will be held at a new location. A first-ever for our MedSoc Ball.

You know what to do.

Early Bird, General Release, Queue Jump Tickets, and Friend Referral are now Sold Out.

Late Release (MedSoc member)- £70
Late Release (Non-member)- £75

Pay with the Lydia App and get £1 back!

Plus, £1 from each ticket will go towards CATS and Cool Earth, both charities we have carefully selected.
The Medical Society, University of Cambridge
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